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"Don't Sweat The Small Stuff - And It's All Small Stuff" is Bullshit, and You Know It

Every one has heard this phrase. It's on inspirational posters, bookmarks, and probably on some piece of decor in your grandmother's house.  "Don't sweat the small stuff. And it's ALL small stuff."  Guess what, people? As a law student, people love to tell you this. People love to insist that you are only causing yourself stress, that it cannot possibly be as big or as bad as you claim it is, and that your brain is the cause of your stress more than the environment around you. And if you'd just "accept that it's all small stuff " you'd be totally fine and you'd never leave law school with a high potential for addiction or mental health problems.  Fuck those people.  Those people have never sat in a room and been told that one in three of them will graduate with an addiction issue. Or sat in a room, on the first day of school, and been told that of every twenty five students, four will not even finish the program. That

Me, Myself, and My Love/Hate Relationship With Law School

I started blogging in my second semester of law school. It helped me feel less alone, more than anything. The thing they don't tell you about law school is that you constantly feel like everyone else has better grip on things than you do. I survived law school. A different person walked across that stage than the woman who first registered for classes, but I survived. My hope is that within these pages I'll be able to put together enough thoughts to help others survive - and maybe feel a little less lonely - on their own journeys. Cheers,