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No One Likes To Bitch More Than Law Students

Listen, I have blogged about law school for a long time. And I learned very early on that law school blogging comes with a caveat - No one likes to bitch more than law students. This includes lawyers. Sure, we complain about our jobs a little bit - the hours, the stress, the fact that this career has probably ruined some part of our life along the way - but we have nothing on the law students.  When you are a law student, all you have left is your ability to bitch. You don't really have control over your education - honestly what is the difference between taking a class on commercial transactions and taking a class on commercial law? - and you certainly feel like you have very little control over your sleep, study, and social calendar. Everyone takes the same holiday days, everyone goes to the same social events, and everyone falls into a secluded hibernation pre-finals.  This is met, of course, by the obvious question:  "Why the hell are you in law school if yo

Looking Forward and Moving Forward Are Different; Don't Carry The Burdens Longer Than You Have To

Most lawyers will tell you that law school teaches you very little about the actual practice of law. In fact, most of what law school is designed to do is change the way you think; to make you think like a lawyer. They achieve this by breaking you as soon as practicable when you are a baby 1L and slowly molding and building you back up from there.  Right about now there are a whole batch of first year law students who have managed to survive their first round of law school finals; who have achieved the milestone of making it through a semester of school; and who are panting with exhaustion at the one mile marker of a six mile race.  And the best thing these kids can do is take a deep breath and forget the dread that plagued them during that first mile.  Because they are at a crossroads. They can shoulder the burdens of their anxieties, stress, and insecurities from their first leg of the race, and they will carry them through the next three years, adding more stress, more fear