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Law School Wanted Me To Be An Asshole For A Reason

Can we talk for a minute about how emotionally draining it can be to be both a good person and a lawyer? My job as a lawyer has, on more than one occasion, conflicted with my moral desire to help people. I am not a saint by any means. I am a tool. People wield me and my skills in the same way they would wield a mechanic building their car. They aren't looking for the mechanic's personal feelings about their choice in engines. They just want a car fixed. I practice in estates law. A lot of the time, that means dealing with families who are using someone else's money to air out decades-old family grievances. Nobody wins in these scenarios. Everybody always walks away a little sadder and with their family a little smaller. My handle has been "Law School Ruined Me" since February of my 1L year. At first it was a bit of a joke - law school had turned my life upside down and was sucking the joy out of reading and writing, two of my favourite activities - but over