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Feminism is not just about ‘Leaning In’ and becoming rich and powerful, but also about the women we bring up with us. So my amazing Feminist Legal Theory professor once said this to a classroom full of soon-to-be female lawyers, and it has stuck with me ever since.  I often wonder how feminism and the law intersect and can coexist peacefully. Not just from a justice standpoint but from a professional one as well. How do we remove the barriers that make access to our profession inequitable?  Our firm's hiring panel is small; I am one of three lawyers that sit on it. The other two lawyers hired me, many years ago, and I am the only female. I often feel like it's my role to advocate for the candidates who do not "fit" the model of what my white-male colleagues imagine a lawyer to be. But does this make me a bad lawyer? A bad model of society, because I am picking someone, who I truly believe has great potential, who *I* think needs me in their corner? Am I f