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What Kind of Day Has It Been

I always liked Aaron Sorkin shows. He always asks this question and he always answers it. To watch the Newsroom, you have to believe that in the end, humanity is truly comprised of fundamentally good people who have lost our way but can be guided back to what made us great. I write to you on May 1, 2020, and (for me), it is Day 49 of quarantine. Not true quarantine, mind you. We locked our house down before the spread skyrocketed in Ontario. But quarantine seems a more fitting word that "self imposed distancing from all other human beings out of the fear that we will catch the deadly disease that could kill my husband and/or incapacitate my daughter." So it's been a year and a bit since I had the mental acuity to sit down and write on this particular medium of mine. I set up this blog originally for long-form writing. A break, as you would, from my shit-posting on other corners of the internet, and semi-serious drafting of another novel I had half-written in my head.