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Pandemic Parenting & Trying Not To Get Sued

Every now and again I google how many days it has been since March 13, when I took everything I needed from my office and told my boss I'd be back in person when all of this was over. At the time, my daughter wasn't even six months old. She was this tiny little precious blob who was just starting to stand and I would try to move the each itself if it meant keeping her safe.  So here I am. 222 days later. Still working from home. Planning a pandemic first birthday party. I do zoom calls while she has a bottle. I schedule remote commission appointments for when my husband is home and can keep her quiet. I do phone calls during naps and answer emails at what feels like every waking minute.  I have somehow managed to patchwork together something of a survivable legal practice while solo-parenting during the day, which feels like at any moment the house of cards is going to come crashing down upon me. My husband cannot work remotely. My income is tied to collections and is too preca